System1® ASM

(Part #: ESP10400-57)

System1 offers the technology designed to save time for smog station owners. The machine handles increased throughput, allowing for more tests over the long term. Providing the highest level of emissions testing technology, the new design doesn't compromise the rugged construction - it's still made with the same industrial-strength steel that we've always used. More reliable than existing machines, System1 is the mark of a profitable shop.

List Price: $37,500

Price includes freight, delivery & installation and 1 year parts & warranty.

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ASM w/ Car

Standard Features

  • Non-contact RPM probe (patented)
  • Clip-on style contact RPM probe
  • Integrated automatic gas cap pressure tester
  • CNC machined aluminum gas cap adapters
  • Certified five-gas sample system designed to the latest BAR specifications
  • Sample system chiller to reduce condensation problems
  • Integrated computer controlled sample system back purge pump
  • High speed industrial grade PC
  • Certified test and VID communication software
  • Bar code scanner
  • RF (omni directional) remote control
  • OBD II (with CAN support) interface
  • OBD II diagnostics
  • High throughput laser printer
  • 17" LCD flat screen display
  • Easy service cabinet
  • One year parts and labor warranty


  • Operates with all models of ESP dynamometers (using existing dynamometer interface cable)
  • Operates with MAHA ASM dynamometers sa currently installed (requires a single ESP supplied dynamometer interface cable)

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